Safety ever, Fire never


Risk Assessment & Fire Safety Report

Is your personnel and property well-protected in the event of a fire?

Are your escape routes planned and clearly marked?

Do you have smoke detection or fire suppression systems? If you answered no, Kyoto Fire can help


Kyoto Fire Services will provide you with a fire risk assessment and fire safety report.


Fire Training Our on-site training by qualified staff (SAQCC registered technicians) will ensure your personnel can:


Our company provides onsite training by qualified staff (SAQCC 1475 registered technicians) to ensure that your personnel are capable to deal with any fire situation.
Our SAQCC registered technicians will ensure that your personnel can understand the fire safety procedures for the workplace.

Your employees will be able to:

• Identify the type of fire
• Use the correct Fire Fighting safety equipment including fire extinguishers, hose reels, buckets, and fire blankets.
• Follow procedure to contain and extinguish the fire
• Manage a fire emergency scenario
• Experience onsite practical exercises