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Fire Extinguishers

We provide a comprehensive range of high-quality SABS 1910, SABS 1322 and SABS 1567 certified fire extinguishers which are constructed to provide easy safe maintenance to SABS 1475 specifications by qualified SAQCC technicians.

Class A: suitable for combustible materials such as paper, wood, cardboard and most plastics.
Class B: required when the fire involves flammable or combustible liquids such as petrol, kerosene, grease and oil.
Class C: best suited for fires involving electrical equipment such as appliances, wiring, circuit breakers and outlets. NB: Never use water to extinguish class C fires!
Class D: for fires involving chemicals and combustible metals such as magnesium, titanium, potassium and sodium.
Class F: designed for fires that involve cooking oils, trans-fats or fats in cooking appliances that are typically found in restaurants.

1kg DCP Extinguisher

1.5kg DCP Extinguisher

9kg DCP Extinguisher

4.5kg DCP Extinguisher

Wet Chemical Fire Extinguisher 6L

Foam Fire Extinguisher 9L

0.6kg DCP Extinguisher

2kg CO2 Aluminium alloy1 SafeQuip 280x180

5kg CO2 Auminium alloy1 SafeQuip 280x180

Fire Hose Reels

Hose Reel (Swing Type)

Hose Reel Accessories

Fire Hose Reel (Stainless Steel)

Hose Reel (Standard)

Fire Hydrants

Booster Connecter 

Fire Hydrant Valve

Smoke Detection Systems

Check out the Nittan ASD533 and many more smoke detection systems on

Discovery® Intelligent Detector Range
(EN 54 Approved)

Orbis® Conventional Detector Range
(EN 54 Approved)

Fire Blankets

Size 01: 0.9 x 0.9
Weight (min): 430 gr/m²
Weight: 0.6kg
Ignition Time: 13 min
Max temp: 550ᵒC

Size 02: 1.2 x 1.2
Weight (min): 430 gr/m²
Weight: 0.96kg
Ignition Time: 13 min
Max temp: 550ᵒC

Size 03: 1.2 x 1.8
Weight (min): 430 gr/m²
Weight: 1.3kg
Ignition Time: 13 min
Max temp: 550ᵒC

Size 04: 1.8 x 1.8
Weight (min): 430 gr/m²
Weight: 1.94kg
Ignition Time: 13 min
Max temp: 550ᵒC


Directional Signs

Fire Signs

Informational Signs

Fire Cabinets

9kg Single Extinguisher Cabinet

4.5kg Single Extinguisher Cabinet

 Air Horn Box

CP Valve Box with Glass

Register Box

Keybox with Glass

Fireproof Doors

Hinged Fire Doors

Manufactured to SANS 1253:2003 (edition 3) and stringently tested by the SABS over the years with a proven fire protection rate of two and a half hours.

Class A Class B Class C Class D Class E Class F
Stability 1 Hour 2 Hours 2 Hours 2 Hours ½ Hour ½ Hour
Integrity ½ Hour 1 Hour 2 Hours 2 Hours ½ Hour ½ Hour
Insulation ½ Hour 1 Hour n/a 2 Hours ½ Hour n/a
Impact Test n/a n/a Yes Yes n/a n/a

Fire Exit Locks

Stainless Steel Push-Bar


Stainless Steel Push-Bar

Gas Suppression Systems

CNC Machine Suppression Systems

Fume Cabinet Suppression System

Electrical Cabinet Suppression System

Commercial Kitchen Suppression System

Trolley Units